Project Name: Druitt Street Sydney

Client: The Builder construction P/L

Location: Druitt Street Sydney

Value: $40,000.00

Service: Fabricate steel support braces to 2.5 metre high parapet, this included form, reo and pour of concrete pads with 50Mpa concrete, then re membrane entire area.

Completion Date: October 2009

Contact: Charlie Bentivoglio - 0400 347 471

Project Name: Princess Hwy South Nowra

Client: Hi Vis P/L / Reed Construction P/L

Location: Princess Hwy South Nowra

Value: $70,000.00

Service: Fabricate steel structure and reo cage Supply to site & install (Structure approx 9 Tons).

Completion Date: November 2008

Contact: Michael Maguire - 0414 711 862

Project Name: Eveilegh carriage works Redfern

Client: Fugen Construction P/L

Location: Redfern

Value: $140,000.00

Service: To re enforce roof structure trusses, place 24 x 9 metre high soldiers with 30 ton anchors and new roof purling brackets with purlins.

Completion Date: October 2008

Contact: Ian Wright - 02 9289 3700

Project Name: Glebe point Rd Glebe

Client: Farindon Construction

Location: Glebe point Rd Glebe

Value: $n/a

Service: Roof and Wall re enforcement.

Contact: Jim Athos - 0418 471 342

Project Name: Tattersall Hotel

Client: Fugen Construction

Location: Tattersall Hotel

Value: $n/a

Service: New fire stairs construction.

Contact: Brodie Mc Mahon - 9289 3700

Project Name: Menai Central

Client: Fugen Construction

Location: Menai Central

Value: $n/a

Service: Re enforce precast prior to demo.

Contact: Joe Vitale - 0416 225 580

Project Name: Camperdown hospital

Client: Farindon Construction

Location: Camperdown hospital

Value: $n/a

Service: Re enforce cross bracing to roof

Contact: Jim Athos - 0418 471 342