Project Name: Five Dock RSL

Client: Fugen Constructions P/L

Location: Five Dock RSL (Northern road)

Value: $140,000.00

Service: Place soldiers continuously around site, Mesh, drainage cell and shot crete, this includes all anchors and the bulk and detail excavation for all footing.

Completion Date: Late 2006

Contact: Karl Mayoh - 0401 616 400

Project Name: Macquarie University North Ryde

Client: Fugen Constructions

Location: North Ryde

Value: $220, 000.00

Service: Remove all existing paths; excavate soil to accommodate for new DGB. Excavate new drainage lines & remediate soil to a large wet area.

Completion Date: Early 2007

Contact: Joe Vitale - 0416 225 580

Project Name: The Church of the Good Sheppard

Client: Fugen Constructions

Location: Plumpton

Value: $120,000

Service: Construction of a 3000m\2 car park including all excavation, grading and compacting of all DGB and placing kerbs, Gutters and Asphalt.

Completion Date: Late 2007

Contact: Jim Athos - 0418 471 342