Project Name: St Andrews House

Client: Fugen construction P/L

Location: St Andrews House Sydney CBD

Value: $250,000.00

Service: Part demolition of existing building. To create a new front entry area. Including propping and timber crash decks.

Completion Date: Late 2008

Contact: Jim Athos - 0418 471 342

Project Name: Doncaster Hotel

Client: Fugen construction P/L

Location: Doncaster Hotel Randwick

Value: $110,000

Service: Part demolition of existing building. To create new smokers lounge. Including propping steel needles and lintels.

Completion Date: August 2007

Contact: Brodie Mc Mahon - 0413 157 853

Project Name: Marrickville Council

Client: Fugen Construction P/L

Location: Marrickville

Value: $

Service: New office upgrades.

Contact: Karl Mayoh - 0401 616 400

Project Name: Menai Central

Client: Fugen Construction P/L

Location: Menai

Value: $

Service: Create new gym area.

Contact: Joe Vitale - 0416 225 580

Project Name: Camperdown hospital

Client: Fraser's

Location: Camperdown

Value: $

Service: Convert to residential dwellings.

Contact: Ary Bornoush - 0412720659

Project Name: Wolper Hospital

Client: Fugen Construction

Location: Woollahra

Value: $130,000.00

Service: Internal Strip out and soft demolition. New hospital upgrades and Asbestos removal.

Contact: Joe Vitale - 0416 225 580