Project Name: Port Stephens Rd

Client: Accountants Choice

Location: Port Stephens Rd Port Stephens

Value: $98,000

Service: Polyurethane / Acrylic injection grouting into building construction joints, as there was no access from top, there are roads, planters & traffic islands.

Completion Date: Mid 2008

Contact: Theo Tsiamis - 0411 701 177

Project Name: Chard Road Brookvale

Client: Bob Dempsey Associates

Location: Chard Road Brookvale

Value: $50,000.00

Service: Polyurethane inject major roof slab cracks, prior to placing car trafficable membrane. Will also assist in reo corrosion protection.

Completion Date: August 2009

Contact: Bob Dempsey - 0414 552 189

Project Name: Kings Warf development

Client: Multiplex Brookfield P/L

Location: Kings Warf development

Value: $10,000.00

Service: Place re injectable hose system in lift pits, prior to concrete pouring (FUKO SYSTEM).

Completion Date: May 2007

Contact: Daniel Murphy - 0414 614 294

Project Name: M5 Tunnel Bexley Rd Filtration

Client: Baulderstone (Behgis)

Location: Bexley North, NSW

Value: $100,000 / Ongoing

Service: Grout injecting leaking cracks to prevent service failures. Filtration tunnel walls (HDPE).

Contact: Michael Rainbow - 0422697740

Project Name: M5 East Tunnel

Client: BEHGIS

Location: M5 East

Value: $n/a

Service: Inject leaking water on services.

Contact: Jenny Galbrath 02 85773700

Project Name: Fotheringham St Enmore

Client: CRF Construction

Location: Fotheringham St Enmore

Value: $n/a

Service: Injection grouting garage slab.

Contact: Robert Perri - 0407 064 122

Project Name: Cross City Tunnel

Client: Baulderstone

Location: Cross City Tunnel

Value: $n/a

Service: Lower detention tanks.

Contact: Dominic - 0409 777 139

Project Name: Warragamba Dam Filtration

Client: Baulderstone

Location: Warragamba Dam

Value: $n/a

Service: Back up sprinkler system tanks.

Contact: Dominic 0409 777 139