Our People


The Civico team is of the highest calibre in all aspects of our business. We ‘hand pick’ the finest individuals, train and empower them in the ‘Civico Way’ to ensure that optimal outcomes are achieved for our clients and related publics.


Civico is committed to implementing and maintaining an OH&S management system which applies best practice, complies with statutory requirements, eliminates unsafe practices, provides meaningful consultation with employees about the risks in the workplace and how to control them, actively promotes a positive health and safety culture, and provides for the best practical level of recovery with appropriate return to work, and with the requirements of NSW Government Guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


Quality, the environment, and occupational health safety & return to work are the responsibility of every Civico employee, subcontractor, supplier and consultant.


To meet the Civico management responsibilities, we ensure that all personnel are clearly briefed and that suitably qualified personnel are provided with adequate resources and training to implement and maintain the Civico management system.