November 2007 - All in a day’s work for Civico

Who would have thought that one day of work five years ago would lead to a role in the Sydney Opera House project.

Well, such has been the growth and ingenuity of Civico, that’s just what has happened.

Civico was founded in 2002 by carrying out a days work, progressing to more contractual works in civil and demolition works and then venturing into waterproofing and injection works – both cementious and chemical.

Ultimately these were the areas of expertise the director specialised in before founding the company.

Civico has now carried numerous large-scale demolitions, civil and waterproofing projects in working for the likes of Fugen Construction, WBHO Pro-Build, Farindon, Hutchinson, MPX, St Hilliers and many others.

The major waterproofing tasks for St Hilliers have included Phillip Street in Sydney’s Redfern, Waterloo Road in North Ryde, Coward Street in Redfern and most recently the glamour and credence of the Sydney Opera House.

The strength Civico has developed in waterproofing is that the company sees the task from the eyes of waterproof applicator, builder and engineer.

It considers the likes of substrate movement which ultimately assists the builder in a finer quality product and the ability to provide better warranties.

Civico has completed a project including civil excavation, concrete slabs, kerbs, bitumen and all external waterproofing at Campbelltown Catholic Club in Sydney and is engaged in many specialist roles right now.

Civico is clearly a highly capable, multi-tasking contractor able to complete demolition, excavation, underpinning, concrete works, piles, piers, structural steel and all waterproofing associated with ground works. And that makes any project simpler for the client.