What we do

Civio provides a range of building and construction services including:

  Demolition - Internal strip outs, internal demolitions, entire
- Learn more
  Civil Works - bulk and detail excavations, foundations, shoring, underpinning, road works, car parks, landscaping - Learn more
  Construction - Industrial, commercial, refurbishments and DD&C packages - Learn more
  Specialised Water Proofing & Grout Injection - sheet membranes, liquid membranes, latex membranes, injection of polyurethane and acrylic resins, cementituous injection, epoxy coatings and joint sealants, Sub terrain drainage - Learn more
  Maintenance/Remedial Work - concrete, sandstone, brick, facade and repair works, epoxy toppings - Learn more
Civico is a construction focussed company specialising in all aspects of building, development and maintenance.
Our core services encompas everything from infrastructure and civil works to the construction of commercial, industrial and residential projects.
Civico is an organisation which is fully insured and licenced with extensive experience in the management and construction of major projects, drawing upon broad based management skills and able to focus locally and nationally in the management of construction projects.
Delivery of work
We understand the importance of on time and on budget project delivery.
Understanding our client needs
Our flexibility and company structure allows us to service any of our clientís project needs.
Diversity and flexibility
Our diverse range of skills and trades ensure an efficient interface between trades during the course of the project.